On January 19, 2014, Fat Man on Thin Ice was officially released with a show at the Casbah in San Diego. Many of the songs from the CD were captured live on video. Mitch Dembin performed with the Limited Jurisdiction band and special guests. The Limited Jurisdiction band included Cara Patton on vocals, Greg Staples on guitar, Tom Mauriello on piano, Tom Borg on bass and Chuck La Bella on drums. The special guests included Bob Helfant (who produced, arranged and played guitar on the CD) and Harry Helfant (who played mandolin on the CD). Also, Janet Stucke joined the band to reprise her performance from the CD on “You Break, You Buy” and helped on background vocals on “Who Would’ve Thought.”

It has been a little over a year since the release of the CD. The response has been overwhelming. Royalty checks for downloads from all over the world and, because I did not do this for money, I have given away hundreds of physical copies to folks who asked. Even gave one to James Taylor -yes, the James Taylor! Had some great gigs with my local band, Limited Jurisdiction. The highlights included a great gig at Palm Canyon Resort in Borrego Springs and, back in San Diego, entertaining following the dinner at the annual conference of National Association of Women Judges. I have written some new songs, one of which we play out and gets a great response. I may have to get back to the studio at some point. I am planning on posting a couple of recent pics. Stayed tuned.